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Andaman Marine Surveyors (AMS)

Marine Surveyors Thailand

Don’t dive into buying a boat without talking to us first


Andaman Maritime Services (AMS) provide a full range of marine surveying services to include:


AMS offers expert advice and technical guidance to assist you in making an informed decision about a vessel.

General Condition Assessments (GCA):

A GCA consists of a brief inspection of the vessel in order to provide the owner, yacht broker or potential buyer with an independent overview of the vessel and the equipment listed, either prior to the owner listing the vessel for sale or a buyer making an offer to purchase it.

Pre-purchase Surveys:

Our certified surveyor will examine the vessel in detail to identify any deficiencies. You can then make an informed decision about the purchase and/or price.

Specialist Surveys:

AMS has qualified technicians on call to conduct specialist surveys for rigging, mechanical and electrical systems.

Follow up Surveys:

We can make certain that work agreed to in the sales contract has been completed to a satisfactory level.

Insurance Survey:

These are required by insurance companies to gain and maintain vessel insurance.

Cook Island Yacht Registration & Renewals:

Have our approved surveyor assist you with Cook Island Yacht Registration & Renewals.

Damage Surveys:

Accidents can happen. We can assess the damage, advise on repairs and if required, oversee work.

Damage/Loss Investigation:

Appointed by the Underwriters, AMS investigates insurance claims in order to establish the cause and extent of the claimed damage and loss.

Valuation Appraisals:

Need to know the value of a vessel? We can conduct a valuation appraisal to establish a fair market price.

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing:

AMS conducts ultrasonic thickness testing in order to establish exactly how much hull material is between you and the deep blue.

Electrochemical Potential Checks:

Don’t wait until it is too late. Have AMS measure the electrochemical potential of your vessel to establish if it is adequately protected against galvanic corrosion.

FRP Moisture Detection:

AMS conducts moisture testing to detect & establish moisture retention levels in a FRP vessel’s hull, deck & superstructure.

Stray Current Corrosion Detection:

Is your boat adequately protected from Stray Current Corrosion? Contact AMS to test your vessel.

Risk Assessment & Safety Management Plans:

Vessel owners & operators have a legal duty of care to ensure the safety of a vessel and its operation. AMS qualified staff can assess your boats and operation in order to identify risks and develop a tailored safety management plan for your operation.

Loading & Discharge Surveys:

We can observe and record the loading and unloading of your boat, documenting any damage for insurance purposes.

Pre-end of Warranty Inspections:

With this service we check that any warranty issues are recorded with the dealer or manufacturer before the vessel or machinery warranty expires.

Need a Marine Surveyor?

Captain Anthony Gates

+66 (0)81 893 9985


Q How is a Pre-purchase Survey conducted?

Ideally a Pre-purchase Survey includes an in-water inspection, sea trial and a haulout inspection to survey underwater hull surfaces, steering and drive gear.

Q What is the scope of a Pre-purchase Survey?

During a standard Pre-purchase or Insurance (condition) Survey the following will be inspected and the condition reported on:
• Hull, deck & superstructure
• Interior
• Electronics & navigation aids
• Electrical systems
• Propulsion systems
• Steering systems
• Tankage & plumbing
• Spars, rigging & sails (inspected from deck level)
• Anchoring equipment
• Safety and firefighting equipment
• Auxiliary equipment

Q What’s included in the Survey Report?

Our reports with embedded photographs vary in length from 30 to 60 pages and describe the construction and condition of the vessel, its components and systems at the time of inspection.

Q Can the Pre-purchase Survey Report be used for Insurance purposes?

An AMS Pre-purchase Survey Report is more than adequate for Insurance purposes.

Q How long does it take to complete a Pre-purchase Survey?

It really depends on the size, type and complexity of the vessel. On average a Pre-purchase Survey of a 12 meter monohull including survey inspection, sea trial and report writing would take approximately 28 hours to complete. The survey report would then be available within three working days.

Q What does a Pre-purchase Survey cost?

The price of a survey varies depending on the vessel’s Length overall (LOA) and whether it is a mono or multihull. Contact anthony@ams-sea.com for a competitive quotation.

Q As the client how can I get the most out of a Pre-purchase Survey?

Let the surveyor know about any deficiency that would absolutely disqualify the boat in your mind and advise of any special requirements so that the surveyor can check these items first.
We also welcome clients to be present during the survey inspection and if so I will discuss our findings with them as the survey progresses. The survey inspection might be the best and only introduction you get to the vessel and its systems.

Q How should a vessel be prepared for a survey and sea trial?

A Pre-purchase Survey is an in depth examination of a yacht. Adequate preparation of the vessel for survey will reduce the possible number of items identified in a Pre-purchase Survey. This will assist the sales process and may prevent delays in closing the sale. With this in mind AMS have prepared a checklist on how the vessel should be prepared for survey & sea trial. The checklist is available for download at www.ams-sea.com

Q How do I choose a Marine Surveyor?

This can be a difficult job as the industry is largely unregulated which means anyone can set up business and call themselves a marine surveyor.
Yacht brokers may provide buyers with a list of local surveyors but they should maintain impartiality as to who you select to ensure that the surveyor is totally independent and there is no conflict of interest.
Things to consider when choosing a surveyor:
• Do they hold a qualification such as a Diploma in Marine Surveying?
• Are they a member of a professional association and therefore governed to abide by the association’s codes of ethics and rules of practice?
• Do they maintain full Marine Professional Indemnity & Liability Cover?
• Are their surveys accepted by insurance companies and financial institutions?
• Do they have the skills; competency and knowledge in surveying the type of craft you require surveying?
• Are you welcome to attend the survey and learn more about the boat?